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Please Get out! Travel!.. If You Are Wondering What To Do During This Spring Break?

Imagine for a moment you are lost… Imagine sitting at a shack overlooking the beach. The waves are crashing against the shore and the wind is whistling past your ears….

Imagine for a moment you are lost…

Imagine sitting at a shack overlooking the beach. The waves are crashing against the shore and the wind is whistling past your ears. The sky looks like something out of a Van Gogh painting. For a moment, it feels like all the problems weighing you down are melting away, and that’s all you need;

A moment.

As university students, we’re all so caught up in the rumblings of everyday life that we fail to realize the impact a moment of clarity can have on our mental health.

I came across a recent study by Robert Leahy, director of American Institute of Cognitive Therapy, who said that the average high school kid today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s. So, the next time someone tells you you’re acting a little crazy, chances are, you probably are.

If you feel suffocated in the midst of a monotonous routine of midterms, quizzes, assignments, and submissions, Then Dude this spring break, please GET-OUT and go travel, go somewhere.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure” — Jawaharlal Nehru.


There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. That is exactly what traveling does, it opens one’s eyes and broadens their perspectives. Apart from the calmness and tranquility it brings to an individual, seeing new places and interacting with different cultures makes a person more compassionate and understanding.

What if I am..

Now I know what you’re thinking, traveling means tickets, hotels, budgets and all of that requires money, something we university students perennially run low on. There’s no need to fret though my fellow comrades as I’ve put together a list of my favorite online booking sites that are guaranteed to get you the cheapest air tickets (on moderately safe flights).


2)  (Bet you didn’t know google had an inbuilt feature)




but what if..


If this still ends up being a tad bit out of your budget it’s important to realize that traveling doesn’t necessarily have to mean forking out a fortune and going to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the snowcapped Alps of Switzerland. Traveling is an experience, not a place. It can be something as simple as flying back to your home country and meeting your childhood friend or even just gathering your friends and camping in the mountains of Hatta or..

Your kite-beach (local version) should do just fine!

One of the best memories I’ve made was this Wednesday when a group of my friends packed the car and headed to an isolated beach somewhere in the middle of Umm al Quwain. We took two cars, and the people were divided based on which spectrum their music taste lied on, all the way from Drake to Arijit Singh. We made our way to UAQ singing at the top of our lungs, looking maniacal as we did to the other drivers on the road. After getting our cars stuck in the sand a few times we finally made it! Silence! There were barely a few people around and the light breeze felt like it was washing away all our troubles. We got into our shorts and ran into the water doing our best Baywatch impression as we did (failed massively though). The water was cold but our laughter drowned out the shivers. For those few hours, we were teenagers again, no midterms to worry about, no upcoming job applications to be rejected, no responsibilities. Just a bunch of friends splashing around in the water without a care in the world.

That is exactly what everyone needs to do. Just for a little bit, take some time out, break the pattern, explore your surroundings and find yourself. This much-needed break will not only give you a fresh perspective but also give you the energy you so desperately need to tackle the rest of the semester (don’t quote me on that).

Stepping out fresh looking like..

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Do You Really Need That Textbook?

Let’s take a moment in remembrance of an old friend…. He’s been with us through thick and thin, through failures and some more failures. He’s had a hand in all…

Let’s take a moment in remembrance of an old friend….

He’s been with us through thick and thin, through failures and some more failures. He’s had a hand in all our sorrows and, since I’m a dirty liar, some of our joys. Recall the sweet memories of going to school and paying exorbitant prices annually for his fickle aid. We thought once we graduated, we would never meet again and our fates had come to a bittersweet, but mostly, a joyous end.


Boy were we ever so wrong .

If you haven’t guessed by the subtle hints, gentle teases and glaring title, that I’m talking about textbooks then clearly you never met our friend very often. Textbooks have been a staple of education since Gutenburg and have survived tribulations from generations of angry students. So a simple shift, from high school to University, was never an issue.

As any freshman will discover within his first week, there are mandatory readings assigned for every subject, by every teacher, in every semester. They cost an arm, leg and your firstborn for a few pages. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you cut that down to a couple of fingers. It’s at this point that we need to differentiate between textbooks and Textbooks™.

The most important distinction would be that textbooks are your friends. Their only job is to be an optional tool and help you get some of those sweet grades into your system. Like a spoon for soup.

Now Textbooks™ are a different ball game. Like using a fork for the same soup, they technically get the job done but really; even nothing at all would be a better option. They’re generally overpriced and the author’s name is suspiciously similar to your professor’s.

So do you need them?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Nooooooomaybe.

Bruh! If it is halfway through the semester and you are still photocopying chapter portions of your friend’s books (let us stop pretending like this is not happening)… then yes; they become important if your professors insist the books are mandatory and your assessments are pulled from them.

Yet still no, you don’t need to shell out your precious food money. There’s various ways to get over the preposterous prices and here I’ll mention just a few of them.


1.Avail a student discount from bookstores

2. Borrow from the library when needed

3. Split the cost and make copies…still shady AF! (Not advisable.)

4. Please do not do this either!

Most important of all however, is none of the above.

You don’t need to spend money or worse, step into the library.
There are resources online specifically for students that hoard all textbooks and hand them out for free like a benevolent nerdy Santa. Here’s a lil’ list.

(yes that guy…)

And, believe it or not, there’s many many more. Some options more obvious than others, matey.

Textbooks are an indispensable asset in a student’s armory, true, but textbooks that take advantage of a poor innocent student are as essential as attendance. Besides isn’t there an app for everything nowadays? If you still can’t find what you need just remember – there’s always next year.



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The Students’ Voice Matters!

 Hi there, If you are reading this by now… Zoinks! Chances are – you have either hauled half your weight in backpacks to class all the way through highschool, or…

 Hi there,

If you are reading this by now… Zoinks!

Chances are – you have either hauled half your weight in backpacks to class all the way through highschool, or shoved a litany of trash in your school locker only to clean it up before graduating! Feel free to pick the large grey area in between – but know that you’re only really just beginning  student of life in its realest sense when you’ve grabbed that precious opportunity to begin University..

Hold on…


Welcome to “College” Life Management 101 Again, depending on where you’re from, this may also bring with it your longtime companion, commonly known as ‘Student Loan Debt’ and your entry-level ticket to the “Social Pressure marathon” of the dreaded cliché question…. “ so when are you graduating?”.On that note of dark humor at its finest, know that I may be Product Manager at startup called Jibber Jabber today (we’ll come to this fancy wordplay in good time).

 As a part of a stealthy effort to propel this bootstrapped rocket, we are launching College Collective: our student blog series. My alma-mater – SUNY @ Buffalo in the US and then Manipal University Dubai have afforded me the privilege of being a well-traveled and prematurely ‘adulted’ being. My biggest takeaway from University was that it is but a gateway to an experience of a lifetime – a short-lived yet enriching experience that most of you will drift through in a grade-frenzied stupor chasing a piece of paper that will supposedly enhance your credibility.


(Disclaimer- It may or may not, but I’ve been a straight A student so I can afford to preach. Please don’t let the daze and confusion in college be your only motto because then you’d be Van Wilder sans all the pomp and you’ll graduate in time never).

Study to achieve excellence and expertize – success will follow. College is where you switch majors like a madman (hopefully without the parent’s drama of them finding out) until you find your passion or settle for psychology and communication. (No hate, pure love out here – this a Buffalo NY joke boys and girls).


You’re in college! You’ve made it so far and this is where you begin your mad joyride! Remember it’s all uphill from hereon in! It’s the first time you will experience dorm life, roommate stank, schedules that will baffle you, abject student-poverty (unless you’re a Kardashian), cup noodles as a ALL meals, undefinable relationships, study groups with awkward people, social loafing, toeing the lines of legality, fraternities, sororities, plagiarism, all-nighters, Amp & Monster topped off with RedBull, love (or the lack thereof), heartbreaks, grades, bell curves…(ah blessed bell curves..) all of it.

Why are we telling you all of this. . ?

Because nobody else really will say this to you.. Notice that grades are going to be a minute percentage of what college is all about.It would be futile to spend your 4 (or more) years in college obsessing over letters you won’t remember in the future. You WILL, however, remember your experiences that will shape your future and character. Your voice matters! And that voice of yours is going to take different shapes and forms in these years t.. (And we are here to help empower that)


Ugh..God I can’t!

Welcome to University – use this time to build yourself up as a human being; appreciate the diversity you see around you. Remember that we’re living in a world where education is still a privilege for most. Use that privilege responsibly by trying to scrutinize and enhance your inner voice – your personality. Use that time of yours in college wisely and experience more than just them grades. Speaking of time management in College… wait for it, you’ll be hearing more from me soon! <evil laugh..>


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