Student life is not limited to academics only. Additionally, students have different ambitions. Some of us want to be deejays or Hollywood stars. For that student with an entrepreneurial spirit, please continue reading.

There are several questions that students ask themselves concerning startups and entrepreneur events. Why should I attend? What are the benefits? Students would rather hang out in the mall or watch movies on Netflix during my free time.

Here are reasons why you should attend the startups and entrepreneurial activities that you consider “boring.”

Get connections and know the big names

Let us face it; we love to be associated with the big names. Who would not want to shake hands with Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg? No one, please lower your hand mate.

Entrepreneur events attract creators, experts, current and future entrepreneurs. It is the right place to build your networks and connections. In such events, you will meet mentors too. You will build a long-lasting relationship and walk away with new business friends. Also, you may find a co-founder for your business idea.

Get the chance to meet the successful entrepreneurs in your locality. Take the opportunity to meet with the start-up leaders, explore new possibilities and learn from the best. After the event, you will end up with new friends, a new job or an investor.

Learning experience and free food

Hands up to anyone who hates freebies! Who would hate to have a free meal and loads of snacks? Some people argue that entrepreneur events are a costly affair. Well, it may be slightly expensive, but it is worth the cost. Also, you get the chance to eat an exquisite meal, drinks and unlimited amount of coffee and snacks. Save your lunch money for a trip to Disney land.

Interactive and education forums

While we support the idea of unwinding and the importance of leisure time, it is important to engage in constructive activities during this time. Eating ice cream while chitchatting about nothing, in particular, is nowhere close to constructive.

Entrepreneur events are an effective way of interacting and learning. It is also entertaining. Forget the boring lectures and reading old theories. It allows you to be creative as you build your strategies and test them. Take the chance to learn new skills or explore something different away from your routine.

Be part of a community

Starting a business is no mean feat, especially if you are going solo. Attending such events will introduce to people facing the same tribulations and trials as you. You will get the chance to learn about success stories of others, as well as the coolest startup ideas in your area.

Is entrepreneurship right for you?

Stop second guessing your entrepreneurial dreams anymore. The only sure to determine if you were cut to be an entrepreneur is to attend such occasions. It will help you decide if full-time entrepreneurship will work without quitting your daytime job. Most entrepreneurs devote their weekends to attend to their businesses. Attending the entrepreneurial events is the first step of the long journey.

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