If only we would spend the day eating pizza, legs stretched on the couch and a remote control in our hands. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Student life calls for a lot of balancing. As we all know, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, that does not mean Jack (whoever he is) should play all day.

Some students will focus on school work and forget about the social lives. Others will give their social life a top priority. Too much of anything is poisonous. Everything needs to be done in moderation.

Dear students, here are a few tips on balancing your studies and leisure time.

Organization and proper time management

Get your life in order. Organize a study schedule. Set aside time for friends and family. Set aside time for a fun activity you enjoy. For instance, dedicate a Sunday afternoon for swimming or skating. Set aside  Friday night to finish that school report.

While at it, stick to the written agenda. Being organized helps students live a less-stressful life. For students who may have difficulty managing their time, they should talk to academic services. Some of the organization tips that students can use include color-coded online calendars, diaries, and a timetable.

 Get involved in social and fun activities

Spoiler alert, life does not rotate around good grades only. Congratulations for the excellent grades and numerous awards. However, you need a life outside of school and good grades

Go to that party or join the school swimming team for that tournament without feeling guilty. It is important to rest and unwind. Spend quality time with friends and family. Take the chance to relax your body and mind.

Get your life in order

Welcome to higher learning. Based on the societal standards, your independence journey begins now. No more running to mummy when things get tough.

Student life is not a walk in the park; there are many things to learn. You have to learn to be independent. However, most students lack most of the information that may make their life easier.  Take some time outside the classroom to learn new aspects of life and growing up.

Have fun with friends and family

Congratulations for making it to the dean’s list. Nonetheless, Pat and Alex miss your company. An excellent transcript may not the only ingredient for a successful life.

Hang out with friends. Visit your aunts and grandparents in a different state. Help Mom fix dinner or bake a cake on the last weekend of the month. Go for a road trip with dad.

We appreciate the fact that socializing may get in the way of studying. However, that should not stop you from spending quality time with the people in your circles. All you need is discipline and doing things in moderation.

Student life is temporary. Therefore, strive to enjoy your life in school with minimal stress levels. Learn that you can manage your time and have time for your friends without hurting your grades.

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